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Laser Harp with frame and mirrors

Laser harp frame model with an industrial laser onboard. It is a very powerful laser harp with mirrors, so lasers can be reflected in fractals to create more design during the show..

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Do you have a Brand? We have fully customizable technologies to pump your business with new clients. Laser technologies can improve your advertising and make your brand innovative.

Лазерная арфа купить

Laser harp shop — is a historic only laser harp shop in the world. Only here you can find the latest news and laser harps. Feel free to use contact to ask us any questions.

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Laser harp for social events

Laser harp for social distance during the pandemic. You can buy a laser harp and use it as a distancing tool. Lasers can be programmed at any choice. We can create various social scenarios.

“What is the point of playing music live as a laptop artists or a poser. Try to do something remarkable. Buy a laser harp.”