Laser harp for escape rooms

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The vintage laser — is a customizable laser harp with frames and build in electronics. The vintage laser is very light weighted and user-friendly.  You will need a computer or laptop, speakers, or headphones to start playing the vintage laser harp. A vintage laser harp was build from wood, but you can choose, and we very much appreciate it, so please, choose eco-friendly materials. The vintage laser harp is a tribute to vintage steampunk style. It’s very suitable for escape rooms or arcade events. 

Buy interactive laser harp for any scenario in an escape room

The interactive laser harp is an innovative musical instrument with laser beams. Interactive software and a wide range of possibilities making laser harp are some of the most desired presents. But what is interactive, and is it suitable for people with no musical background or musical instrument practice? And the answer is yes. Absolutely. Everyone can play on an interactive laser harp. You can choose between music genres and types of melodies, keys, and other music theory material by just pressing the virtual button. Interactive laser harp brings values to the music industry as the creating of the first synthesizers. The interactive laser harp expands the musical possibilities for the players or laser harpists with any musical background.