Laser harp designs trends in 2021

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Top laser harp design trends

The classical laser harp is one of the beautiful things you can see in the entire galaxy. Its design makes everyone fall in joy and run to play. The classical laser harp was re-built by Evolution Music Lab. ( from Russia. They recreated the whole design and functionality of the well-known harp musical instrument. After it, the classical laser took place in the modern museum in Moscow. The classical laser has many modifications according to your choice, from laser colors and quantity to dimensions and functionalities.

Laser harp to buy in 2021

The laser harp of the future is a game-changer! It was created for several innovative museums and had a big success. Its perfect combination of design and functionality deliver a positive experience while playing and interacting. Due to its dimensions, there can be several players or even teams. Laser harp HI-TECH has color rainbow lasers with a powerful modern laser and mirrors on top. Though it’s fully interactive, you don’t need a musical background to play it. In case you organize shows of the future, feel free to create not only music but visual effects and shows, using Laser harp HI-TECH as a controller for other equipment.