Laser Harp price

Buy a Laser harp with any budget. You can find expensive luxury model and affordable laser harps.

Receive on time

Notwithstanding the model of laser harp you buy, you can be sure you get your instrument on time. 

Top quality lasers harps  

Each Laser Harp has top-quality materials and accessories. 

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Buy laser harp for live performance.

The laser harp is one of the best instruments for live shows and performances.

Buy laser harp for rent.

Laser harp for rent is a very demanded service at any event. Agencies usually rent laser harp for corporate events. Interactive shows with a laser harp and guests are in demand. 

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Laser harpist show.

Laser harpist plays classical and modern music with laser harp. According to the event theme, laser harpists can choose different costumes for show.

Laser harp for education.

Students are very excited about playing laser harp. From this point, we can start learning design and physics together. Important to mention that musical education is much better with the laser harp. You can start your edutainment lessons with the laser harp. We provide full consultation support before and after the purchase. You can be 100% confident and give your attention to students instead.

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Laser harp buy

Jean-Michel plays laser harp on live shows.


Laser harp buy

The laser harp is one of the most flexible design musical instruments.


Laser harp buy

The Laser Harp for the live show. Surprise and delight your fans even more.

Let’s work together on your
next laser harp project.

We have been developing Laser Harps for more than ten years and have many positive replies from professional musicians  around the globe. We will be very glad to work together on your next laser harp project.